Predigt zum Sonntag Christkönig im Lesejahr B 2018 (Johannes)

  • Ort: St. Remigius, KHG Bonn
  • Datum: 25. November 2018
  • Bibelstelle: Joh - 18,33b-37

1. Unterscheidung

2. Der Gewalt wehren

3. Zum Lob befreien


Anmerkung 1:
Aus dem Interview mit Kardinal Müller über die Missbrauchskrise (21. November 2018):
"If this priest (Ansgar Wucherpfennig) calls the blessing of homosexual relationships the result of a further development of doctrine, for which he continues to work, it is nothing but the presence of atheism in Christianity. He does not theoretically deny the existence of God, but, rather, he denies Him as the source of morality by presenting that which is before God a sin as a blessing."