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Fürbitten zur Hochzeit / Petitions for wedding

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We pray for the marriage of E. und S. and us all. Open our hearts to understanding other faith traditions. We are all made in your image and seek to know and follow your ways, to praise you, and to be instruments of your Holy presence. May we seek to know the truth of your Word and find common ground among the many faith traditions, respect each other and recognize that we share a common humanity. Help us to be people of compassion and understanding, creating a path to a peaceful coexistence among all. Let us pray.

We pray for the victims of climate catastrophes: For those who already have and those who will suffer under the circumstances of climate change. Please give especially those who lost everything during the floodings in the nearby area the faith in a soon to be normal life. Guide us with wisdom, bravery and under the respect of the human rights through these difficult times. Enlighten our minds to be helpful and supportive for those who need it the most. Let us pray.

We pray for families living at a distance to each other. We believe that you are always close to us, watching our every step, even if at times you feel out of reach for us. Likewise, let separating seas and skies be overcome by a closeness at heart, so that those living apart always feel guided by their loved ones, until they meet again. Let us pray.

We pray for relationships that span over different cultures: We pray for patience and understanding to overcome cultural barriers, and for love and commitment to learning and growing together, so that we may embrace and celebrate the diversity you gave us. Let us pray.

We pray for our loved ones who have passed away and are no longer physically with us today: For S.’s grandmother M, E.´s grandparents NN and all other deceased relatives and friends of E. and S.. May they find rest and peace in the arms of the Lord. Let us pray.

We pray for all those who have the wellbeing and health of others during the pandemic in mind. Guide especially those who are in power, so that they act and cooperate selflessly and strive for a safe and healthy international community. Give us compassion, endurance and love in these difficult times. Let us pray.

We pray for E. and S.. Grant them the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, courage to change the things they can and the wisdom to know the difference. Let their marriage be filled with the love they have for each other and let them be an example of your everlasting love and graciousness. Let us pray.